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Genius Bar Customer Support Experience Part 2

On the 5th of July I posted This regarding the experience of booking my Powerbook in for it's screen to be replaced. Since then, I'd checked the Website regularly, unfortunately the information was not helpful, just that my Powerbook was awaiting repair. A little more info on this page would have been useful, e.g. 'awaiting parts', 'On the bench', 'Final Testing' this would show progress to the customer. I was told that the repair would take between 7 - 10 days, and I put my expectation firmly at the 10 day end of the scale, with this being a Free repair, I would expect paying customers to get the better service, however Wednesday came and went. I did think about phoning the store, but knew that it would be completed as soon as possible, on top of this I've been manic at work and I've not had much time to use the Powerbook anyway. Last night I got a phone call at around 16:40 to say that the Machine was in final testing, was expected to pa

Genius Bar Customer Support Experience Part 1

Lets do the whole thing start to finish, I wanted to document this 1) For my own memory 2) For others who had never used the Genius Bar before. I went on the site this morning and booked a spot at the Trafford Centre Genius Bar, this was really easy, fill in a few minor details (Your name, email address and Mobile phone number) and select a slot from those available. These are in 20 Minute segments. I was aiming to leave work at 15:00, the store is about 40 minutes from work and knowing my record for leaving when I want, I booked for 16:40, this would allow me a leeway of an hour for holdups and getting caught on the way out of work. The webpage then confirmed the appointment date and time and had basic instructions. If I had any criticism of this process, it was that there was no email confirmation to both remind and reassure that the booking has been made, this would be nitpicking though. I got to the Apple Store in the Trafford centre and Looked at the kit, but t