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Powerbook a go go

I spent 2 hours last night pulling my Powerbook to pieces very, very carefully. I had a problem with White Spots on the screen and took it into Apple for them to fix it. I use my Powerbook all of the time and usually leave it open on my desk, or shut it down and take it with me. It was only recently that I noticed that it wouldn't go to sleep anymore. After some research (And some help from the Mac community here on LJ) I found out that it was a magnet in the Lid that activated the sleep and I reasoned that it had probably been left disconnected when they replaced the screen. After much struggling to remove the back of the screen, I found the tiniest magnet you've ever seen which wasn't powered, had a play with the position and it was about 1/4 of an inch out of position, you'd have thought that the Genii would be able to test and get it right. Put it all back together and felt very, VERY accomplished. 24 screws on the casing of a Powerbook + 3 that hold the h