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Spreading it too thin

More and more over the last couple of years I've wondered if I'm spreading myself thin, to borrow a phrase 'Jack of all trades, master of none' i.e. I do so many things I can't devote enough time to any of them. I have friends who have one or two interests and they're pretty damn good at them, but it seems to take over their whole life and I feel that though I'd enjoy that, I'd become bored at some point with doing the same things again and again. I was thinking about my own hobbies and rather than a few, I have loads of things I try to follow and keep my hand into.Here are a few of the things I have an interest in and invest some time in every single week. Apart from Family, Friends and my job 1) Computing (Tied into my Job too) 2) Cars 3) Mobile Phones 4) Apple 5) Sport (In General) 6) Football (In General) 7) Manchester United 8) The Internet 9) Sci Fi (In General) 10) TV 11) DVDs / Cinema 12) Music 13) Photography 14) Wii (Lego S