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That's it, it's all over

I watched the last episode of The West Wing last night, Seven Seasons, over 140 Episodes, many wonderful characters and situations. Don't want to spoil anyone else's experience, LOTS of spoilers I've got to admit that I had a tear in my eye as the last ever episode finished and a lot of things were tied off. CJ and Danny got together, Sam Returned Donna and Josh got together Toby was Pardoned Mallory left something for President Bartlett. President Santos took the Oath and became President. I know a lot of people feel that it jumped the shark when Aaron Sorkin left, and the Fifth Season was disappointing, but after the Sixth Season I went back to watch the Fifth again and while it's not up to the standard of other Seasons, there are some fantastic episodes in there. I'm going to miss that fact that I will never ever see a New episode of The West Wing. I remember seeing an early episode and becoming hooked, I've spent a lot of money buyi